Regular Pool Maintenance

We can arrange for the total care of your swimming pool including cleaning, water analysis, balancing, supply of chemicals, testing and maintenance of equipment. The frequency of the service calls can be tailored to suit your needs, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We will provide you with a full service check and report.

Single Service Call

You may need someone to look after your pool only when you go on holiday, a call out to get your pool ready for the swimming season or maybe instructions for equipment and maintenance when you move into a new property with a swimming pool. We can also inspect swimming pools and spas and provide a comprehensive report before buying a new property.

Green Pool Recovery

If your pool has been neglected or is green and cloudy and needs an overhaul to get it back to pristine condition, we can get your pool back to optimal condition.  We can assess the pool to see if recovery is possible without having to empty the pool or what treatment will be required.

Repairs and Leak Detection

We specialise in the repair of structural problems, restoration of concrete, rust spots, repairs to waterline, step areas, and broken and damaged swimming pool tiles. We can also repair and replace paving and decking around pool areas, replace damaged pipe work and pool equipment.

Equipment repair, installation and upgrades.

We can repair or upgrade most swimming pool equipment and accessories, including pumps, filtration, heating, lighting, and cleaning equipment. We recommend the use of quality equipment that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. We can replace outdated equipment with new more energy efficient equipment that will make pool maintenance easier, cheaper and less time consuming.

Pool Chemicals, Pool Covers and Pool Accessories

We can supply a large range of accessories including  ladders, hand rails , pool chemicals , pool blankets and covers.  Installing a pool blanket or cover can reduce evaporation, keep the pool free of leaves and debris and increase the efficiency of your pool heating and reduce the cost of heating your pool.

Pool renovations

You may have an existing pool that is unusable or just needs a makeover. A pool renovation can enhance the look and appeal of your pool and transform you entire outdoor area. Renovations can be relatively minor or you may want to redesign the shape of your pool, add a spa or water feature or change the interior of the pool. Installation of new accessories such as pumps, cleaners & lighting, or updating the pool fencing and landscaping can create an entire new look.

Conversion to Salt Water or Magnapool system.

We can convert your chlorinated pool to a saltwater pool, which is less expensive to run and easier to look after. Or alternately you can convert your existing pool to a MagnaPool. The MagnaPool system delivers a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt or heavily chlorinated pools. It is therapeutic for body and beneficial for health and well being.

Pool Heating

You can extend the length of your swimming season and get maximum use of your swimming pool by installing heating. We can arrange for electric, gas, solar heating or a combination and recommend the best option for you dependent on your swimming pool or spa.

Pool Fencing & Landscaping

We can arrange fencing repairs or the installation of new pool fencing, you may have to update your fencing to meet safety requirements or replace your existing fencing with glass to improve the look of your pool. We can also coordinate landscaping for you, including plants, gardens, decking, pergolas and permanent pool furniture.