Pool Cleaning & Water Balance

Correct maintenance and care of your pool, spa and equipment can extend the life of your swimming pool and equipment, reduce running costs and increase your leisure time. You won’t have to store dangerous chemicals at your home and your pool will be ready to use at any time.

What is included in a Service ?

– We remove all the leaves and debris from the water.
– Vacuum the pool.
– Brush the waterline and scrub any areas as required.
– Brush and scrub other areas in the pool as required.
– Clean and backwash the filter.
– Empty the skimmer and lint baskets.
– Test and balance the water using quality chemicals and electronic testing equipment.
– Add chemicals as required (chemicals are additional).
– Visually check the equipment and timers.
– Provide a full report and notify you of any faulty equipment or other problems.
– We always notify you and get your approval before carrying out any repair or additional work.

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